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6 Essential Safety Tips For Oval Trampolines

While trampolines are a fun activity for individuals of all ages to enjoy, they can also prove to be quite dangerous if you are not careful with how you use them. Oval trampolines can lead to serious injuries if one does not adhere to safety precautions that will keep them safe.

Below are 6 of the best tips from Trampolines NI to consider to help you stay safe and also enjoy yourself on your own oval trampoline.

1. Purchase a High Quality Safety Net

Encasing your oval trampoline with a trusted and sturdy safety net is a vital step in keeping yourself and your loved ones safe while jumping around. Without a safety net, the chances of accidentally jumping too high and falling over the edge of the trampoline are high.

2. Do Not Install Near Trees

It is recommended to not install your new oval trampoline near any trees or other objects, such as poles, walls, signs, or patio furniture, that could severely injure you if you were to bounce off the trampoline. Simply installing your trampoline at least 3 meters away from these objects can make all the difference in the world when it comes to added safety measures.

3. No Somersaults or Flips

While it may be tempting to show off our new gymnastic moves on the trampoline, it is better to steer clear of this for our safety. Engaging in somersaults or flips on the trampoline can lead to one accidentally landing on the neck, back, collarbone, or wrists wrong, which would lead to serious injuries and more than likely require immediate medical attention.

3. Make Sure There is No Moisture on Surface

Any moisture, in the form of rain, snow, or anything else, on your oval trampoline can lead to individuals slipping and sliding around, which in turn can lead to harsh landings and unnecessary injuries. Simply keeping a towel at hand to quickly wipe up any moisture formed on the trampoline is an easy way to avoid this mishap.

4. Monitor the Number of Jumpers

While having a large number of people on the trampoline at once can sound fun and entertaining, it is not smart to do so. Increased people on the trampoline can cause individuals to land on one another or knock into each other, causing broken bones or other injuries.

5. Children Should Be Supervised by Adults

This tip should go without saying, but all small children should be constantly monitored by adults while on the trampoline. Since children tend to make decisions quickly without much thought, it only takes a minute or two for something disastrous to occur that could have been easily avoided. It is best to only allow children access to the trampoline when adults are present and have the time to dedicate to watching them fully.

6. Make Sure There is Nothing Under the Trampoline

Always remember to check that there are no objects wedged under your oval trampoline before you hop on to start jumping. Landing on an object that was mistakenly left under a trampoline can lead to serious injuries, especially if the object happens to be hard or sturdy.

In short, while trampolines are an amusing and enjoyable activity for us to partake in either alone or with others, it is extremely important to remember that they can also cause harm if not used properly. By taking heed of the tips above, you will ensure that you are using your oval trampoline correctly and safely.