Trampoline Safety Tips For kids.

For kids, the trampoline is the ultimate source of fun. However, what you might not know is that the equipment can expose them to a lot of danger if safety measures are not in place. The tool usually is suitable in the outdoors where kids play in groups or on other occasions solo. If left unsupervised, many unseen things can happen, and in the worst-case scenario, there can be severe damages. Nevertheless, below are some safety guides that you should adhere to for kids to have a fun time while you have peace of mind.


The first step to enhancing safety is choosing a suitable location for placing a trampoline. Ensure the place is a flat land away from items like fences, trees, hanging lines, among others. When kids start playing, they can easily hit themselves on these items and obtain injuries. The ground should not be too plain but rather have some grass in abundance or sand to offer an absorbing platform. Placing it on top of hard surfaces like concrete, stones, or asphalt is dangerous, especially in the absence of mats and a net. After you get the perfect spot and finish the installation, create a room of around four feet in diameter clear from any other items. Such an approach ensures that children will have sufficient space to play safely.


Control Traffic.

Although kids tend to be demanding, only one should use the equipment at a go. Whenever you allow many of them to start playing, they will collide and hurt each other since high chances are they will not jump simultaneously. You do not want to have emergencies that will send you to the hospital. Also, the ages of kids using trampolines vary, and thus mixing older kids with younger ones increases the chances of accidents. Also, while they are jumping, none of the ones left outside should play closer or under the equipment to prevent the jumping ones form hitting them. Evaluate kids in terms of age and only allow the ones of the same group to play together. Anyone who is less than six years old is not allowed to get on it.

Adhere To Manufacturers Instructions.

There are very many types of trampolines, and they come in different colors and sizes. As Trampolines Ireland shares each one comes with specific instructions that you must follow during installations and also when children begin using it. However, there are standard rules that apply to all types to improve safety. The trampoline should only carry the maximum load it is required to handle. Exceeding the limit can result in breakages, and in the process, kids will get hurt. Take time to add the weight of everyone who wants to play at a time for accuracy. Also, although it might be a more durable design, surpassing the limit will wear it out over time, and within a short period, you will start incurring costs in terms of repairs and maintenance.

Purchasing Requirements.

Before you make the purchase, there are guidelines you should follow for you to end up with something safe and also efficient. Despite the market having trampolines in a variety of shapes, you should always go for the ones in round forms. The circular shape provides a moderate bounce for children when they jump. Additionally, get a net to enclose it to prevent kids from jumping off. Review all the items that come with it, such as shock absorbers.

The best way to ensure your choice of the trampoline is in the right state is by testing it while you are at the supplier. It will prevent you from having to go back and forth in making replacements.