How to Attack a 2-3-2 Zone Defense in Flag Football

Among the most asked inquiries flag football instructors ask is how you can strike area protection. In reality, it was that extremely concern that brought me start offering my Headache Offense as well as Unbeatable Defense online greater than a decade ago. I decided to come up with a set of plays just for this article to demonstrate how very easy defeating a zone defense is.

Right here is one instance of how you can move the round vs. a 2-3-2 area in a 7man blocking league. All 3 of these plays assault the “bubble” below the Safety and also between the Linebacker as well as Cornerback. This is an extremely prone component of the area protection.

Play # 1.
[Connect to play diagrams located at base of write-up]
LSE – Post-corner course with the preliminary break at about 7 yards depth. Make sure the post part of the path intends to the opposite sideline at about 20-25 backyards depth. This is essential, as you’ll see in the next play.
RSE – Post path with the break at regarding 5-7 backyards depth.
RWO – Square in route at regarding five backyards depth. The round will certainly be thrown to the “bubble” location.
Center – After a first block, run a five lawn hook course above the LT.
QB – The reviews are simple.

1) First, consider the “bubble” and if it is open, pass to the RWO running right into it.
2) If the POUND is endangering the bubble, pass to the facility. If the Safety is intimidating the bubble, pass to the RSE blog post at the shaded area in the layout. Pass a bullet to him in stride.
3) If the FS moves to help cover the RSE, just pass to the LSE’s post-corner.

Currently what occurs if the solid side Corner complies with the RWO, anticipating the in a path? That brings us to the next play.

Play # 2.
[Link to play diagrams found at the bottom of post]
LSE – Exactly like the previous play’s post-corner, yet without the second break. Continue the message across the field up until you lack bounds.
RSE – Run a post precisely like you carried out in the previous play, except at concerning 12-15 backyards break outside to the sideline at a point 2 or 3 backyards below your break.
RWO – Run a square in like before, however before you obtain to the middle of the area, reverse as well as calm down in the “bubble.”
– Same as previous play.
QB – Only run this play when you see the Corner adhering to the RWO on the square in.

1) Read the RWO initially and also ensure the Corner follows him. If he doesn’t, pass to the RWO in the “bubble.” If he does, review the SS.
2) If the Safety isn’t really in the position to safeguard the RSE’s break outside, pass to him. He needs to be open because the Corner abandoned the outside zone.
3) If the Safety remains in limited coverage with the RSE on his outbreak, pass to the LSE downfield for a big gain! Be certain and hit him in stride.

If the POUND is inside the “bubble,” pass to them. If the Corner hideaways back to this area before you pass to the RSE, pass to the RWO in the “bubble.”

Play # 3.
[Link to play diagrams discovered at the bottom of article]
Right here’s another means to attack that same “bubble.”

LSE – Run either a touch or a post much like the one in the previous play.
RSE – Run a 5-7 yard hook.
RWO – Run a five backyard hook, market it by settling your shoulders to and also making eye contact with the QB. Swiftly break upfield in touch.
Facility – Same as previous play.
QB -.
1) Start out checking out the RWO and also (assuming he’s closed) pump-faking to him responsible.
2) Then reviewed the SS. If he is not in a position to cover the “bubble,” pass to the RSE. Check out the RWO streaking if the SS is in position to cover it. The Safety read must be extremely quick as you don’t have significant time to pass to the hook-and-go.

Of course, if the LB is in the “bubble” pass to them. And if both the RSE and also RWO are covered, pass to the LSE downfield.

Just like any play collection, you have to exercise with every possible read the QB could make, so the checks outcome to be acquired behavior. That method, he will not need to “think,” he just has to “respond.” You are destined to stop working if you just placed a QB under center without in-depth reads. You cannot expect a QB to be able just to locate the open man (unless, of a program, you have a Joe Montana on your team). That’s like telling a checkers player to simply “obtain the king” in a game of chess!

If you instruct your QB precisely just what to review and exactly how to react, then you do not have to have a great signal caller, you simply require to have one that’s willing to practice. Obviously, that indicates you can’t also have numerous plays, or you won’t have the ability to perform them appropriately. That’s why you require choosing one of the most powerful plays that could be effective when running over and over once more vs. the very same team.

Defeating a zone defense has to do with method, not athleticism. It concerns out-thinking your challenger. Start attracting area defenses on papers and attempting to locate the weak points in them as well as brainstorm how you can manipulate them. You can quickly dismantle any zone defense you encounter if you begin utilizing your brain!

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