Website Marketing 101

How To Market Your Website

Website marketing can be done through a number of different channels. It is important that you know about as many channels as possible in order to determine which channel is best for your business. Not all marketing methods will work for the website that you have and you need to consider this.

Invest In SEO

One of the best ways to market your website is to use SEO or search engine optimisation. SEO is the best way to get organic traffic to your website and will help you build credibility. After all, websites that are ranked highly in the search results are generally thought to offer better value than those on the tenth page, the Birmingham SEO Agency tells us.

There are two types of SEO that you will need to know about and the one that you focus on will depend on the website and business you have. If your website is for your business which has a physical address, you need to look at local SEO. However, if you are able and willing to do business with anyone in any country, you should look at general SEO.

An SEO strategy is something that you are able to create yourself, but you might want to consider hiring a professional. Professional SEO consultants will know what the search engines are looking for and are up to date with the changes to the algorithms. Of course, you will need to ensure that you are working with the best consultant for your website.

Use The Right Social Media

A lot of website owners make the mistake of thinking that the more social media platforms they are on the better it is for their website marketing. This is not actually true because you need to be active on the network for social media marketing to work. Having an account that is never used can actually send the wrong message.

This is why you need to consider which platforms will be the right ones for your website. There is no point in having a LinkedIn account for a website that sells baby clothes. However, LinkedIn will be ideal if you are marketing a website that offers professional services such as bookkeeping.

Each social media platform will have different users and you need to find where your target market is spending their time. Facebook and Twitter have long been considered the place to start and they still offer good engagement rates. However, you might want to look at YouTube and Pinterest as well.

Have Shareable Content

The content that you have on your website can help with marketing. Content that offers good value to the reader and is easy to share will generate marketing for you without any further work. The more your content is shared, the wider your marketing reach is.

To create shareable content, you need to be engaging and offer clear information. Do not fill your content with fluff or provide information that the reader already knows. You also need to write for the human reader and not the search engines.

Your textual content is the only content that you should focus on. Graphics can also boost your marketing when they are shared. Infographics will often be shared along with images related to your content. Featured images on your pages can also be shared to social media as a link back.

There are a lot of ways that you can market your website. It is important that you know what some of the most common methods and channels are. This will help you determine which will be the best one for your website and for what you are trying to achieve.